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(frost is nuclear winter: when drops meet Atomic Design)

Compelling features for your whole team


Also, every piece of content has a 'Plan' tab, where you can save content strategy and other work/notes.


A thoroughly-invented wheel

frost comes fresh out of the box with the site you see here, ready to adapt.

The components and 'stripes' work together for complex storytelling, while the power of Drupal fields powers semantic and non-storytelling content like articles, products, and events.

The repo is set up to use lando, BLT with phpunit and behat ready to go, and more:



There's a balance when telling your brand story, between rigid templates and ill-advised creative freedom. The frost component system lets you use a big toolbox of components, without letting everyone put blinking Comic Sans text wherever they want.

Best of all, this balance doesn't require calling an expensive developer when the time comes to try something new.

Can I put an accordion in a tab in a stripe?

You bet! The accordion contents can be rich text, too. That's a lot of layers, but with component-driven storytelling it's a walk in the park.

Yes, even the alerts/messages can be placed in a tab.

Want to see what's included? Check out the component guide.

More Drupal than Drupal

As you can see in the graph and table below, umami has lots of dummy content, and Wordpress has a huge, confusing list of components. frost seeks to strike a balance.

(Isn't is cool that frost lets you create interactive charts using data from easy-to-make tables, all without paying extra?)

Features of content management systems
Core d90210

Reusable breathing room

This section can be dropped on any page, anywhere. It's part of the "Paragraphs library" so you can place it between two content-heavy sections.

It works like any content on the site, so you can edit it easily, which you'll have to do because this is an example that would make no sense on your website.

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A CTA for your sense of adventure

Some rich text that boldly exclaims your unique selling proposition, to call your visitor to act. In this case, acting means pressing the button below!